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Nexway Monetize is a solution that helps you implement a digital shopping environment to sell your products and services online on a global level. This solution can automatically adapt to each of your shoppers thus providing them with a seamless and optimal user experience. It can also be configured, monitored and controlled by APIs or with the Nexway Monetize Web user interface called Nexway Center. 

Onboarding requirements (basic)

Each new customer that signs up to use Nexway Monetize must be onboarded. This process is carried out by one of our Customer Service Managers. The minimum information required for onboarding is the following:

  • Customer name
  • Customer contact information:
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Email address

When you have been onboarded, you will receive an email prompting you to create a password that will be required to log in to Nexway Center.

Log in to Nexway Center

You can log in to Nexway Center with your login and password and start using the platform straight away.


The email address used for the customer contact information also serves as your customer login.

First steps in Nexway Center

When you first log in to Nexway Center, you will be using Nexway Monetize in TEST mode. In this mode you can test the full potential of the solution. Fulfillments are not carried out and payment calls are not made to the payment provider in Test mode.

In Nexway Center, you will have access to the following items that were created by default during the onboarding process:

  • Store: This is the default point of sale for your products. The checkout cart's design (layout, theme, languages, payment methods accepted, etc.) is configured here. 
  • Test product: provides a basic example of how products are configured in Nexway Center. It gives access to the checkout cart.
  • A checkout cart: a cart is generated for each product created in Nexway Center and can be accessed from the corresponding project. The URL for the product can be integrated into your Website.

You are invited to familiarize yourself with Nexway Center and use these items to carry out your own tests and configure Nexway Monetize to meet your specific business requirements. You can:

  • Create and configure additional products.
  • Modify the Store configuration to adapt your checkout end-user experience designs according to your business needs.
  • Integrate the checkout page(s) into your Website.

With other menu features in Nexway Center you can do the following:

  • Create product recommendation rules to encourage shoppers to purchase additional products through up selling or cross selling
  • Create and apply discount rules (discount campaigns and codes) to your store
  • Sort and view the transactions (Orders) that were made on your store
  • Create additional users with pre-defined roles to carry out specific actions on Nexway Center 
  • Request notifications (for yourself or other users) when certain events occur on your store, for example, "order completion" 
  • View the notifications (Notification history) that were sent to you or your team members
  • View your shoppers' (Buyers) personal information which includes their consent status relating to receiving marketing emails

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