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Categories and Operating System

Products in Nexway Catalog are classified in categories and subcategories (example Software/Antivirus&Security, CoreGames/Arcade, etc ….) and proposed on pre-defined Operating system.
Categories and Operating system can be enriched throughout the time. It is recommended to update the List of categories and list of Operating system on a regular basis.

Product feed download time

Nexway Catalog is updated every day by 5:30am CET latest. You should schedule the download and product feed and update of your product catalog after 5:30am CET.
Keep in mind that some product can be removed from the product feed (end of life, out of stock, etc).

Information to be presented to your customer

To optimize your business, we recommend to display the following information to your customer.

  • Product name
  • Publisher
  • Product Language
  • Long description
  • Packshot
  • Screenshots

For Core Games, you should also highlight:

  • Rating

For Software, you should also highlight:

  • Version
  • License duration
  • Number of licences (per computers, per users, etc)

Promotion management

The product feed provides information regarding active promotion for a given product during a period.

Pre Order product

Some products are not yet available but can be already ordered.

They are identified as such in the product feed and the order must be submitted to Nexway only when the product will be available (after the end of the Pre Order phase).
It is up to the Merchant to process the purchase when required and send the order request to Nexway when the Product is available to be delivered (and no more in the pre-order phase).


  • A Pre Order product may have some upsells and cross sells, these information are accessible through getCrossSell API during the Pre Order period.
  • For some publishers, the order request can be submitted to Nexway before the end of the pre order phase. In such case, Nexway will communicate to you the date you can start to submit the order request.

Product electronic delivery

Three delivery modes are supported.

  • Download & serial number
    • Serial number: Serial number required to activate the product
    • Download links: Web URL to get the Product files. In some cases, the download link references Nexway Download Manager (tool to optimize Product files reception).
  • Serial number only
    Serial number required to activate the product (Steam for example)
  • Digital locker (Microsoft only)
    Using Nexway Order Number, customer connect to Nexway Digital Locker (Web interface managed by Nexway) to get download links and serial numbers for the product he purchased.

Specific products

Microsoft Products

In case of Microsoft product, if the Download DVD option is available, this option must be proposed in the cart.

Casual Games

Most of the casual games are available for trial, End-user can either:

  • Purchase the product (buy and download mode)
  • Download a trial version to try the game before buying it (try and buy mode)

It's the same product for try and buy version. 

The End-user can choose between "play" or "buy" at the Casual Game start:

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