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If you are looking to develop your business Internationally, there are quite a few things you need to know relating to language and cultural barriers and tax code and compliance issues. In some places, like in the European Union, an invoice must be sent with each online sale. Invoicing is therefore a very important part of online business. Invoicing on its own can be very time consuming but selling on an international level adds complexities. For example, before selling in a particular region or country you may need to research the tax laws in vigor and whether you will need to charge taxes or not.  

Nexway Monetize eases the pain of invoicing for you as it delivers invoices that are compliant with the local tax legislation of the individual countries where you sell. This spares you the hassle of spending hours researching and customizing invoices yourself. It also deliver invoices to your foreign shoppers in their language and their local currency.

In addition to the multilingual invoicing feature, Nexway Monetize also offers a recurring billing solution for businesses that need to manage subscription billing. With this solution invoices are sent out to shoppers after each subscription renewal.  

Credit notes 

With Nexway Monetize we can also generate and manage credit notes for refund requests. A credit note is issued for each purchase order cancelled in one of the following scenarios:

  • By you
  • By the shopper (within the established withdrawal period)
  • By Nexway in the event of a chargeback

Refunds are made through the same method of payment used to make the purchase.

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