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What is fulfillment?

Fulfillment is the process or method by which shoppers receive or gain access to their purchases. This could mean providing shoppers with a download link and a license key for digital products or services. 

When your company signs up to use Nexway Monetize it is important that you specify if Nexway should fulfill the orders it processes on your behalf and if so, how? This ensures that shoppers receive their purchases immediately after paying for them, or as soon as possible thereafter. If fulfillment is required, Nexway prepares one or more fulfillment templates based on your specifications. You can then assign the most suitable template to the different products you are selling. 


If you prefer to fulfill the orders yourself and deliver purchases to shoppers, you can program email notifications to help you stay informed of events that require actions on your part. For example, you can receive an email when a shopper has paid for an order. 

How does Nexway handle order fulfillment?

Nexway handles order fulfillment in one of 2 ways:

  • When a shopper places an order with Nexway for one or more of your products, Nexway sends you a purchase request with all the information required to generate a license key. Nexway should in turn retrieve the license key which is stored and later sent to the shopper in a confirmation email.
  • You provide Nexway with a batch of license keys for specific products. Nexway then stores the keys and issues them to shoppers with each purchase order. 


License keys are also stored on the shopper's User account in their purchase history.


Nexway prepares fulfillment templates based on your specifications. They are usually assigned to products during product creation in Nexway Center or via REST APIs. 

For more information on the Fulfillment APIs, click here

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