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Welcome! Now you can sell anywhere in the world!

Nexway Monetize lets you sell your online services and digital products (software, video games, mobile apps, etc.) anywhere in the world through a simple interface that allows you to manage your stores, products, and services, while also giving your shoppers an easy, one-click way to buy what you sell.

Acting as the Merchant of Record, Nexway manages the complexity of worldwide sales for you, handling multiple currencies, local taxes, and compliance with privacy laws and other regulations. With Nexway Monetize, you keep control of your product, design, and marketing operations — all without the headache of dealing with the complications of international sales transactions.

Further, wherever and whatever you sell via online, in-app or mobile device interfaces, our subscription model increases the lifetime value of your shoppers (your customers), and our business analysis tools give you the information you need to retain them and grow your business. 

Nexway Monetize provides you with the following services:

Worldwide sales responsibility (Merchant of Record)

Nexway acts as a Merchant of Record, meaning that Nexway is responsible for all sale-related transactions and security.

We ensure compliance with local laws and tax requirements, and we provide buyer support services. We secure payment and personal data and manage fund remittance in the country you select as your business home.

Nexway worldwide sales responsibilities include:

  • Worldwide customer (seller) support services
  • End-user (shopper) account management
  • Local tax compliance
  • Local privacy and personal data law compliance
  • Fraud detection and prevention
  • Security of sales transactions (including PCI DSS)
  • Product shipment and service activation
  • Refund requests
  • Chargeback detection and negotiation

Payment & Fraud

Nexway Monetize provides payment services all over the world, supporting more than 110 currencies and 300 payment methods. Our built-in intelligent payment routing significantly increases the payment authorization rate and streamlines the purchasing process for your shoppers. Further, in the face of increasing chargeback amounts, Nexway provides detection and refund management features to reduce cost and business impacts.

You can choose to have Nexway manage all aspects of your sales transactions, or you can choose to manage certain buyer interactions. 

In addition to payment, we leverage scoring and artificial intelligence to detect and to help prevent fraud.


We provide invoices to your shoppers for the products and services they have bought from you. Our invoicing process includes localization and compliance with local laws, and can handle credit notes (total or partial) for refund requests. 


Our product management services include:

  • Flexible product pricing to respond to different marketing conditions worldwide
  • Different revenue models, such as simple purchase, freemium, trial, and subscription
  • Catalog-free (“on the fly”) product sales
  • Multiple language support
  • Easy creation of product variants based on customizable attributes
  • Discounts, coupons, rewards programs, etc.


Nexway Monetize manages subscriptions and recurrent billing. We can handle monthly or yearly subscriptions so as to optimize your product revenue. We automatically process cancellations, buyer notifications, and recurrent payments.


Nexway supports multiple ways to address activation and shipment, among which are:

  • Service activation
  • License key
  • Proprietary mechanisms (REST API Callback)

Further, with Nexway Monetize, shoppers can access their purchase history without having to use your store as a go-between.

Checkout experience

Nexway Monetize proposes an optional adaptive checkout experience that supports:

  • Multiple languages and currencies during the same checkout session
  • Different layouts
  • Multiple product purchases, including cross-sales options
  • An adaptive user experience based on machine learning
  • Trial products and periods

You can integrate the checkout experience into your web store or inside your software or game applications. You can also choose to develop your own checkout experience and use Nexway Monetize only as the Merchant of Record (including responsibility for PCI DSS compliance for credit card payments).

Accounting and business analysis

Nexway Monetize provides you with KPIs and reports in real time so you can see exactly what your sales results are at any given moment, along with other information that can help you fine-tune your business and design effective marketing campaigns.

The Nexway Monetize Web UI

We are continuously working on making all API functions accessible via our Web UI. If you need to add certain features to your store right away and do not see them listed in the current version of the Web UI Guide, please contact your Nexway Customer Success representatives, and they will help you implement them via our API.

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