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Worldwide sales responsibility (Merchant of Record)

Nexway acts as a Merchant of Record, meaning that Nexway is responsible for the sales.

We insure local tax and law compliance, provide End-user support services. We secure payment and personal data and manage fund remittance in the country you selected.

Nexway Worldwide sales responsibility:

  • Worldwide customer support services
  • Local tax compliancy
  • Local Personal Data law compliance
  • Security of the sales
  • Shipment and product activation
  • Refund request
  • Chargeback detection and negotiation


Nexway Monetize provides payment services all over the world. Built-in intelligent payment routing significantly increase payment authorization rate.

More than 110 currencies and 300 payment method are supported

In addition of payment, we also prevent fraud leveraging scoring and artificial intelligence.

To face the increase of chargeback amount, Nexway provides detection and refund management features to reduce cost and business impacts.

Nexway can manage it 100% for you or delegate to you some End-user interactions.


The Invoicing processing includes localization and law compliance.

Credit Notes (total & partial) could be managed in case of refunding request.


Product Management services enables worldwide business and flexible pricing

  • Different revenue model: purchase, freemium, trial and subscription
  • Multiple languages supports
  • Price variation
  • etc


Nexway Monetize enables subscription and recurring bulling.

Monthly, yearly subscription are proposed to optimize product revenue. End User notification and recurrent payments are automatically processed.

End user can access his own account to get his purchase history


Nexway supports multiple ways to address activation and shipment:

  • Service activation
  • License key
  • Proprietary mechanisms (REST API Callback)
  • etc

Checkout experience (optional)

Nexway Monetize proposes an optional adaptive checkout experience supporting:

  • Mutli language and currencies.
  • Different layout presentation
  • Multiple product purchase including cross sales options.
  • adaptive user experience based on machine learning

It can be integrated in your web store or inside your software/games application (trial model for example).

In case you prefer you like to develop your own checkout experience, you can easily build yours leveraging Digital Commerce API.

Marketing (optional)

KPI and reports offer you a way to analyze and tune your business.

To optimize your business, advanced marketing campaigns allow you to automate:

  • Abandoned cart campaign
  • Product recommendation campaign

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