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  • Publisher: Company publishing Software, Video Game or Digital Service
  • Merchant: company selling Software or Games to consumers (B2C) or companies (B2C). A merchant could be a classic online store or any company who would like to propose and sell digital products (Software, Video Game or Digital Service) to their audience or customers (End-users).
  • End-user: Persona or entity purchasing and using a Video Game or a Software for its own usage.
  • Nexway Catalog: Very large catalog of products (Softwares, Video Games, Digital Service) which can be sold by Merchants via Nexway
  • Product feed: Subset of Nexway product catalog a Merchant would like to propose to its End-users (customers)
  • Order: Electronic order gathering the information related to the purchase of a Software or a Video Game
  • Fulfillment: all the actions required to provide access to the software or the games purchased (access to the product, download link, activation or license code, etc)

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