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Through Nexway Connect, Nexway allows Merchants (resellers) to get to access to a very large catalog of Softwares software and Video Games video games to add to their online business. Nexway provides a standard interface to collect product catalog data and to submit purchase orderorders.

Nexway manages the complexity of business relationship with between the Publisher publisher and the End end-user product fulfillment.

Thanks to this solution, you as a Merchant , you can add thousands of Softwares software products and Games games to your digital store.

A Digital content scenario can be split in 4 steps:

  1. Configuration of your Product FeedConfiguring your product feed
    Thanks to Nexway Nexway’s online user Interface (Cocoon), you can adapt the format of the flow (XML, CSV, etc.) and select the subset of the Nexway Connect catalog to be loaded on you want to sell in your own store.

  2. Integration of the Product Feed in your Product DatabaseIntegrating the product feed into your product database
    A web programmatic interface (HTTP Get) allows you to automate the download of downloading your product feed to integrate it in into your own store’s product catalog of your store. The Product Feed product feed contains all the information required by your store (product description, images, pricing, promotions, etc). You can choose to get the full content of your subset or only the last latest changes.

  3. Order ManagementManaging orders
    Connect your order management system to Nexway Nexway’s order system via a standard REST API to enable purchase of products in the Nexway Connect catalog product.

  4. Monitor Monitoring your business
    Follow and monitor your business activity through Nexway Nexway’s online User interface (Cocoon). Get access to Sales report to user interface, and access sales reports to track the performance of your business.