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Optionally, you can get a list of product and options to be added add to the cart along with the initial product selected (getCrossUpSell API).
The following options are available:

  • Download extension
    By default, the end-user can download their products during for 21 days after the purchase. Thanks to this option, Endthe end-user can download a new copy of their product as many times as they want during the new download time period.
  • Backup DVD
    A backup DVD of the products purchased will be sent to the end-user.

Step 1.3: Process the payment on your system (mandatory)

Leverage your own payment system to process the payment of the purchase by the end-useruser’s payment for their purchases.

Step 1.4: Create the order (mandatory)

Once the payment has been accepted, you must submit the order to Nexway providing information regarding about the product being purchased (createOrder API).
Depending on the API return code, the order is accepted or not. A subscriptionId will also be If accepted, a subscription ID is also returned.

Note: The real end-user email is requested in the order submission. Some publishers, for For security reasons, some publishers send directly to the end-user information required to deliver and unlock the product directly to the end-user.

Step 1.5: Share the delivery information with the end-user

Three types of information must be sent /to or shared with the end-user:

  • Nexway Order Number: required Required for customer support
  • Serial Number: Unique product unique serial number provided by the Publisherpublisher
  • Download information: Useful instruction instructions to help the end-user to get acquire and activate the product

2. Renewing subscriptions

Subscription Subscriptions will renew automatically upon expiry, unless cancellation is requested . Process for requesting cancellation is documented further below(see cancellation process below).

Step 2.1: Process the payment on your system (mandatory)

Process the payment on your system before the expiration date.

Step 2.2: Check that the subscription was created

Poll Check the "Get “Get Subscription Status" Status” API on regular basis (we recommend doing so once every 4h recommended4 hours) with our subscriptionId and watch for increment in subscriptionID, as well as watching for an incremental change in the partner order number generation.
Partner The partner order number is composed of your original partner order number (transmitted in step 1.4) and subscription generation, delimited with dash sign, i.e.for example:

  • original Original partner order number: PARTNER689
  • partner Partner order number after first renewrenewal: PARTNER689-1
  • partner Partner order number after second renewrenewal: PARTNER689-2
  • and (And so on..…)

Step 2.2: Get delivery information

Upon When you see a change in generation number stop polling "Get subscription status" API and call the "Get order data" API with the generated number, use your partner order number to call the “Get order data” API to get the order delivery information (i.e. licence number, such as the license number and activation key).

Step 2.3: Share the delivery information with the end-user

3. Canceling subscriptions

End An end-user may wish to end (cancel) a subscription.

When cancelling a subscription through the  the "Cancel subscription" API: