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Product Feed

How to set the catalog language in the cocoon ?

There are two language types in the catalogue: the master language and the description language.
The best configuration for the feed is :

  • Select the language of the master : All
  • Select the description language : Language of point of sale (ex: FR)

What kind of link do you get with "getDownloadInfo"?

Only direct URL information are provided by getDownloadInfo (no information on DownloadManager are provided)

Which IP can be whitelisted?

We only whitelist fixed IP (no domain name or dynamic IP).

Why all previously defined product feeds are not listed anymore ?

Be aware of every first sunday of month, the test environment is reset to that's why you can't find you Product Feeds anymore.

What to do if you get "Invalid" on the province field?

You will have to provide 'province' data if country is US, CA, BR or AU (USA, Canada, Brazil or Australia). The province must be in iso 3166-2 (click on below link): {+}

What you get the error 3011(XML)?

This sometimes happens on test environment for a simple reason that we do not include all licence files on the platform. You won't get this on production (confirm me you get this on test isn't it ? ).Just try with another product.

What you get the error "date is not valid" ?

The date of the order, must respect the ISO 8601 format (ex : 2004-02-12T15:19:21+00:00)

What are the different prices available in product feed?

  • Retailer price is the unit purchase price (without taxes) invoiced by Nexway to Partner.
  • Public price is the recommended price suggested by the publisher.
  • Sale price is the current Nexway or Partner (if modified in Cocoon) price.

Which price must be displayed on the website?

You are free to use the sale price or set your own price regarding your margin.

How to add a new data column in my CSV product feed?

Available fields are present in the format feed configuration through Cocoon.

Order Issues

No download link in “createOrder” API return.

Some products don’t have download links but only serial numbers.

A direct download link is missing / download manager doesn’t retrieve all the files.

Contact customer support level 2.

No serial number

Some products don’t have serial number. 

Download link is http://xxxxdigitallockerxx/xxx and no serial number is displayed. What's wrong?

Not an issue: Microsoft products are delivered this way.

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