Categories and operating system

Products in the Nexway Catalog are classified in categories and subcategories (for example, Software/Antivirus&Security, CoreGames/Arcade, etc.) and are offered in a predefined operating system. Both the categories and the operating system are constantly enriched. We recommend that you update the list of categories and the operating system on a regular basis.

Product feed download time

The Nexway Catalog is updated every day at 5:30am CET at the latest. You should schedule the download, product feed, and update of your product catalog for after 5:30am CET.
Keep in mind that some products may be removed from the product feed for certain reasons (for example, end of lifetime, out of stock, etc.).

Information to present to your customer

To optimize your business, we recommend displaying the following information to your customer:

For Core Games, you should also highlight:

For Software, you should also highlight:

Promotion management

The product feed provides information about the active promotion of a given product during a period.

Pre-order products

Some products can be ordered before they are available for delivery. They are identified as such in the product feed and the order must be submitted to Nexway only when the product is available (after the end of the pre-order phase). It is up to you, the Merchant, to process the purchase when required and to send the order request to Nexway when the product is available for delivery (and thus no longer in the pre-order phase).


Electronic product delivery

Nexway Connect supports three delivery modes:

Specific products

Microsoft Products

In the case of Microsoft products, if the Download DVD option is available, this option must be proposed in the cart.

Casual Games

Most of the casual games are available for trial. In this case, the end-user can either:

Both the “buy and down” version and the “try and buy” version are the same product. 

The end-user can choose between “play” or “buy” when starting the Casual Game:

A template example of such a URL:{_PRODUCT_REF}

Ubisoft Products

Follow the instructions below to implement Ubisoft’s new SKA process, which uses a License Activation Portal (LAP).


You can use DRM data to identify Ubisoft products if you are using catalog version 2.4 or higher:

  1. Search for “drm” in the XML format section of the product feed API
  2. Check that the drm ID value is “Uplay (Ubisoft).”

Note: To identify Ubisoft products when using earlier versions of the catalog, you must verify the following in the product feed API:

  1. The value is 70 for the Publisher ID, and
  2. The value for “digitalLocker” in the deliveryMode node is 1.


Ubisoft products are activated via a License Activation Portal (LAP), a web interface through which your end-users connect using their Nexway order number and their email address. This means that you as a Nexway customer (Connect partner) must:

    1. Go to{customer name; filled automatically}
    2. Enter your Nexway order number, your email address, and the required captcha.
    3. Log in using your Uplay account credentials. 
    4. Click on the “Redeem” button. After redemption is confirmed, the Uplay interface automatically activates your game.