List of services

Through Nexway API you can access the following API services:

If you have any subscription products available, you can also use the following additional API services:

Submitting orders

Step 1: Check product stock (mandatory)

Nexway highly recommends checking your product stock before adding a product to the customer cart (getStockStatus API).
If no stock is available, the order is refused.

Step 2: Propose cross-selling, upselling, and options for a selected product (optional)

Optionally, you can get a list of products and options to be added to the cart in addition to the initial product selected (getCrossUpSell API).
Available options:

Step 3: Process the payment in your system (mandatory)

Leverage your own payment system to process the payment of the purchase by the end-user.

Step 4: Create the order (mandatory)

Once the payment has been accepted, you must submit an order to Nexway that provides the information about the product purchased (createOrder API).
Depending on the API return code, the order is accepted or not. A subscriptionID will also be returned if the product is a subscription product.

Note: The real end-user email is requested in the order submission. For security reasons, some publishers send the information to the end-user directly in order to deliver and unlock the product.

Step 5: Share delivery information with the end-user (mandatory)

You must send to or share the following information with the end-user:

Canceling orders

When canceling an order: